You don’t choose Ayampe… Ayampe chooses you.

She sure did choose us! We are the Howard family. In 2015 we moved our life away from the comfortable Virginia Beach to our dreamland — Ayampe, Manabi, Ecuador. Here we live in paradise with our sons Abraham and Salvador, two dogs, two cats, and three apartments for you to come stay in.


Come share this journey with us. Take a step back in time to the village of Ayampe… el lugar para descansar. This quaint town is alluring and exotic, yet unrefined and charming. This sacred ground is nestled at the mouth of Rio Ayampe who’s sweet water tangoes with the mighty Pacific. Ayampe sits at the foothills of the Cinco Cerros mountains overlooking the breathtaking and powerful Los Ahorcados islands, a gleaming monument along the Ecuadorian coastal highway. 15894966_10155021493908777_7870362788583087210_n

This is the happy place.




3 thoughts on “You don’t choose Ayampe… Ayampe chooses you.

  1. Jae

    So beautifully written. This is a must on my bucket list. Keep us posted for your grand opening, we want to experience the beauty and wonder of Ecuador!

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