An Intergalactic Journey to the Deep South: The Beginning

It all began on a whim…

A good deal to Peru via Washington, DC – this is how we got on track to our destiny. We always wanted to live the dream, we just did not know how to get there.

September 2010… La Playa de Virginia, aka Virginia Beach. From there we rented a car to get to DC, apparently an Avenger, manual tranny. We ended up with an automatic Chevy cobalt, oh well. Took care of the job. After an afternoon of packing & checking our list ten times, we said our goodbyes and were off to the deep, deep south.

We left Pinewood villa at 10:35 pm & drove through the night, fighting off the dangerous demons of drifting to sleep in the dark of the infinite highway bed. Due to an excess of caffeine, adrenaline & delirious chatter we arrived to IAD, Dulles International Airport. The flight was delightful, all you could ever ask for, full of sleep and even an empty seat beside us. The flight attendants, all male, had a certain air of Latina femininity to them. They were confused with my Spanish communicado attempts & would simply reply in English. A good chuckle for all.

As we approached Lima you could see the Andes, so big & curvaceous, full of life, wonder, mystery, heat, cold, death and growth. A marvelous sight to behold from above.

You can see the age in the wrinkles.75180_10150324180705133_4188571_n-1

We drift over a hazy, dusty landing strip. Finally, we are grounded again from our seemingly intergalactic flight over many borders, a time zone, and the equator.

Chapter 1: Crazy Hazy Lima