The Longest Left in the World, Chicama: Chapter 5

Bienvenidos al Puerto Malabrigo, aka Chicama, aka the longest lefthand point break in the world.


We arrived early in the morning after about an hour long cab ride through the Sechura desert and many sugar cane farms. The sign welcoming you to town claims their waves to be the most long & perfect en el mundo. 148735_10150324205120133_2367363_n

Upon pulling into this rocky town we selected a bright teal colored hostal. The rooms were less than luxurious, but they did have televisions. Planet of the Apes en español anyone? Enough of that; time to go for a surf.

149916_10150324201300133_1084150_n The waves were small, waist high at best, but it was both phenomenal and hysterical how long he actually rode the wave for. The beach reminded me of a version of Mars, very surreal & psychedelic. The ground is rocky; the cliffs are red and jagged; the sky is deep and bright.

The sun felt amazing beating on my pale skin. After the session, we smoked a Cohiba & explored the beach. Logan found a shrine in a deep, cavernous nook of a cliff. It had a cross inside and we put some rocks inside it.  148728_10150324204320133_6424875_n We feasted on granola, beef jerky, nuts & fruit leathers after experiencing a magnificent sunset over the legendary spot. Our nightcap was a bottle-o-vino, drunk pirate style with no glasses.

We were just waiting for the stars to come out & play. A single bat fluttered in the air above us & then simply vanished right before our eyes. The dust & magic of this place makes funny things happen.

The Simpsons, in Spanish, lulled us to the tipping point of sleep.

Doris, the amazingly genuine caretaker of our hostel, prepared us for our journey northbound. She asked for my birthdate and when I replied, “dieciséis de Febrero,” she said, “ahhh Aquario” She told me to always stay close to the water. “Vamos a volver en el futuro,” — We will return someday.

Off we were, in a cab, heading about an hour north to the fishing village of Pacasmayo.

Chapter 6: A Place Called Pacasmayo

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